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Upgrade your ROI, with daily compounding interest from Nelnet Bank.

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When you want your money to work harder, we offer high rates that help you bring home a little more bang with each buck invested.

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12 months

5.23% APY

18 months

5.55% APY

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5.39% APY

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5.07% APY

APY is Annual Percentage Yield

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We know every organization has unique financial challenges and goals – but they’re all looking for the best deal possible. So we offer great rates, and let you build the right package for your road ahead.

Competitive, High-Interest Rates

More growth equals more possibility, so we work to maintain rates that give you a great return.

No Monthly Maintenance Fees

When you save on fees every month, your CD will grow faster over time.

Flexible Terms

Whether you’re looking for a short-term option or a long-haul partner, we have options for every situation.

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If you’re ready to start earning more every month, you can get started in just a few steps.


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